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Widgets Ltd. is headquartered in the greater Dayton, Ohio area. We are conveniently located near the Wright Patterson Air Force base, which is one of our largest customers. We also have an office in California where we perform most of our testing. Additionally, we have recently purchased a new facility in Dayton where we will be moving all of our manufacturing to. The new facility will be opening Summer of 2011.

For over ten years Widgets has provided machining services, tooling design, prototyping and manufacturing to our customers. Most recently we have been specializing in Defense Sensors and new technology to help to power and communicate with them. Our core competencies are solving customer's problems by working with them through the development, testing and manufacturing stages. Having over 40 years of expertise in mold making, plastic injection molding, machining and manufacturing allows us to implement a rapid product development by keeping each step in house. We are often able to meet unrealistic deadlines where other companies can't come close. No matter how big or how small the job is, Widgets treats each project the same to ensure our customers get the highest quality product and service.