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9/20/2011 Widgets, LTD Develops Ultralight Aircraft Detection and Tracking Sensor to Eliminate The Latest Drug Smuggling Threat

Widgets, LTD successfully develops a sensor to detect and track ultralight aircraft that are being used to smuggle drugs into the US, as a request from the US Air Force Research Laboratory

Widgets, LTD announced today it has develpoped new Ultralight Detection and Tracking Sensor (UDTS) available to Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies designed to detect and track ultralight aircraft that are being used to smuggle drugs into the US.

Drug smugglers are getting more inventive and aggressive in the ways they smuggle drugs into the US and their latest method is using small, low flying ultralight aircraft. The Customs and Border Protection agency counted 228 incursions along the Mexican border in fiscal 2010, up from 118 a year earlier, when it began keeping track. The new threat is such a problem that new legislation has been proposed to combat this type of drug smuggling by closing a loophole in current law that allows smugglers who use ultralight aircrafts to receive a lesser penalty than those who use airplanes or cars. The legislation would establish the same penalties for trafficking, whether by plane, automobile or ULA – up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Widgets, LTD's new UDTS technology will provide law enforcement the solution they require to battle these ultralight aircraft.

The UDTS system is portable and designed to be deployed in remote areas and can operate in poor weather conditions. It utilizes real time sensor data and it provides alerts to Command Stations in real time when an ultralight is detected so they can intercept the aircraft. It is remotely accessible and operates independently with its own power and communications. The system can easily integrate with existing Operation Center systems and it can be coupled with identification, friend or foe (IFF) systems to differentiate between friend or foe aircraft in real time to eliminate false positives. The system has successfully detected and tracked ultralights beyond 15 miles. This impressive range enables law enforcement the time required to intercept the aircraft.

"We are excited to provide our technology to battle the growing threat of ultralight aircraft being used to smuggle drugs into the US. Our UDTS system is the result of months of development and proven results on the same aircraft that are being used in similar settings that the drug smugglers are flying. The system is affordable and extremely effective, as it can be easily deployed and it's designed to operate automatically without the need of an operator." commented Charles Brun, President of Widgets, LTD.

About Widgets, LTD
Widgets, LTD is a technology and manufacturing company based in Dayton, Ohio. Widgets has been working with the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and other Defense contractors to develop new technologies in surveillance, Power Harvesting, and UAV's for several years.

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2/12/2011 Widgets Awarded UDS Contract

The US Air Force has awarded Widgets the contract to develop a Ultralight Detection Sensor (UDS) to detect ultralight aircraft that are being flown over the US Mexican border to smuggle contraband. This growing problem has affected all of the border states and has become a security threat that must be stopped. The decision was made based upon the success of Widgets' patented power harvesting system that was developed for a video surveillance sensor. "Widgets is honored to have been awarded the contract for this very important program. We are confident that our experienced team will be able to develop a device that will be able to detect these aircraft to help put a stop to this serious security threat." Said VP of Business Development, Jonas A Musson.


1/5/2011 Widgets Expands - Opens New Manufacturing Facility

Widgets LTD purchased a new 12,500 foot commercial building to meet their growing manufacturing needs. The facility is undergoing renovation and is scheduled to open Summer of 2011. "I am thrilled to finally have the room needed to meet our customer's manufacturing demands." says CEO, Charley Brun. This new facility is located in Dayton, Ohio, near Widgets' headquarters and near the Wright Patterson Air Force base, one of Widgets' biggest customers.