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Ultralight Aircraft Detection and Tracking Sensor

Widgets developed a system to detect and track ultralight aircraft for the US Air Force Research Laboratory to battle the latest threat in drug smuggling along US borders. The system can detect the ultralight aircraft that are being used to smuggle drugs beyond 15 miles and it runs automatically on its own power and communications. The system is portable and extremely effective in remote areas with poor weather conditions. The system is now available for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement.

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Power Harvesting

Widgets has been manufacturing its patented Power Harvesting system for several years to power military sensors. It is a self contained device that can harvest power to feed sensors that can be connected to and controlled from anywhere in the world. It is deployed on both high and low voltage power lines.

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Cellular Telemetry Systems

Widgets' patented Cellular Telemetry System has enabled sensors to now be contacted and controlled through a cellular network. This new technology can be deployed and then connected to from anywhere in the world that has a cellular network. This ground-breaking technology has been used to power video cameras and is available exclusively from Widgets for endless applications.

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Night Vision

Widgets has been manufacturing Night Vision products for over eight years. We have helped to develop military grade handheld devices, as well as units that are integrated into fighter pilot's helmets. We continue to research and develop new Night Vision products for the military.

Video Surveillance

Specializing in Remote Video Surveillance (RVS) devices, Widgets has been developing military grade products for years. With our Power Harvesting technology and our Cellular Telemetry systems, we can provide an off the shelf solution for almost any applications (day, night, long distance, etc.) or we can develop a custom product based upon customer's specifications.

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